The Office of National Fellowships seeks to benefit the development of student excellence, both academically and intrapersonally, and to ensure success, not only for qualified applicants, but also for the personal growth of individuals whose efforts and contributions benefit the entire university community.

Our office helps students to pursue opportunities for enrichment by providing information and support throughout the fellowship application process. Through one-on-one mentoring and direct assistance for over 60 nationally competitive fellowships, we help students to identify and achieve their academic, public service, creative, and leadership goals.

We want students to succeed. To ensure the success of Florida State University students, our office is committed to the following:

Fellowship Promotion
We strive to make the entire university community aware of nationally competitive undergraduate scholarship opportunities. Through fellowship workshops, class and group presentations, email announcements, and direct student contact, our office aims to notify students of specific fellowship opportunities and create a more comprehensive understanding of the fellowship process in general.

Applicant Identification
Through collaboration with students, faculty, and staff, we work proactively to identify students whose qualifications and goals match specific fellowship opportunities and encourage them to apply for nationally competitive scholarships that support their professional goals and academic interests.

Student Mentoring
We believe that the fellowship application process offers a unique opportunity to work individually with applicants to help them produce a competitive application while providing students with exceptional opportunities for learning and personal development.


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